Tiltable Cooking and Roasting Kettle


Tiltable Cooking and Roasting Kettle

For at least 30 years, the Tiltable Cooking and Roasting Kettle Type KIPPKO, manufactured by our company Berief Nahrungsmittelmaschinen in Wadersloh-Diestedde, Germany, has been the top seller of our portfolio. To this day, the continuous and innovative development of the Tiltable Cooking and Roasting Kettle ensures its competitive edge, making it an established product on the global market. The various ways of how and where to use this all-rounder are simply phenomenal which is why it has become a staple for the food industry. For example, it is hard to imagine the production of ready meals and convenience products, etc. without it.

One of the benefits is that the KIPPKO facilitates the gentle and effective processing of a large variety of products, making it an indispensable tool, whether in large commercial kitchens or entire product lines. It is a working animal that leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to food processing and offers a wealth of options. The continuous development of our current and future product portfolio, the technical standards and the easy handling of the Tiltable Cooking and Roasting Kettle help your chefs to produce optimum results.

The highly effective work process of the KIPPKO makes it a food processor that you can fully rely on. With a high degree of user friendliness and the use of brand-name products we succeed in achieving an export share of more than 70%, with an exceptionally high service level. As a result, our long list of references includes renowned companies from Germany and abroad who trust our reliable Berief products.

Among other things, the KIPPKO can be used to cook sauces or soups or individual components of ready meals and much more.

Today, the pressure in terms of quality and costs is substantially higher than a few years ago – a fact that you are certainly familiar with. Looking back, compared to the older models, our Tiltable Cooking and Roasting Kettle Type KIPPKO has been significantly improved. By advancing the steam feed and condensate drain and by optimizing the heating system we achieved an increase in cooking process efficiency of 20 to 30 percent.

The benefits

• Individual process steps

Cooking, simmering, roasting, stewing, blanching, concentrating, mixing, stirring, homogenizing or cooling – individual steps or a combination of steps to follow recipes, there are only few limits to the technological diversity of the KIPPKO. And all of that with only one machine! Furthermore, you will avoid cross-contamination and costly transport processes. So, a range of excellent product qualities which clearly speak in favour of our KIPPKO.

• Minimize product losses

Product losses as well as the time and effort required for cleaning can be minimized effectively and the components of the Tiltable Cooking and Roasting Kettle play a key role here. The kettle is emptied by tilting it, it has an effective agitator with wall scrapers, the heating pressure can be adjusted to the individual process step – all of which are features that result, among other things, in minimized product losses.

• Saving time

Reaching the cooking temperature faster after adding ingredients, shorter heating times, more gentle processing of vitamin products, high-quality products plus time and energy saving operations – criteria that will save you time and help you improve product quality.

• Cleaning and cleaning process

The kettle is easy to clean. If required, a cleaning cycle can be programmed based on the recipe, allowing for the semi-automatic cleaning of the KIPPKO, so it can be used again in only a short amount of time without having to wait long.

• Weighing device and cooling system

As part of the continuous development of our cooking system, the KIPPKO can now also be equipped with a weighing device and/or a device for faster cooling by use of liquid nitrogen, facilitating a very fast and gentle way to cool down various foods to temperatures of below 10 degrees Celsius which will clearly save time for the further processing of the food and result in higher quality.

• Agitator with variably adjustable speed levels

The multi-armed horizontal agitator and the Teflon® wall scrapers with spring pressure ensure the evenly distribution of solid and fluid product components. With the frequency converter the speed of the agitator can be variably adjusted to the relevant process step. As a result, the product can be mixed intensively yet in a gentle manner during the cooking, cooling and filling process.


Our Tiltable Cooking and Roasting Kettle Type KIPPKO comes in different sizes and meets individual requirements

The KIPPKO is available in different sizes with a total volume of 400, 800 and 1200 litres. It has a modular design, so that it can be customized to fulfil the requirements of the intended purposes. And it has a complex and efficient SPS control, including a recipe management function. The equipment will be optimally adjusted on site to meet your individual operating conditions and production requirements. Our experienced and well-trained mechanics/technicians will provide all the advice that you require and will present you with the solution that fits your situation best.

Once the Tiltable Cooking and Roasting Kettle Type KIPPKO has been integrated into your production line or large commercial kitchen, you would not want to do without it. You will only get the best for your chefs!


Services for our customers

Since the foundation of our company it has always been our objective and our mission to achieve realistic results in our own test centre located at our factory. Our systems are put to the test in the field test, a key component in the engineering of our food processing equipment, where all features are thoroughly tested and checked. Our customers have the opportunity to test their products at our dedicated test centre in real-life conditions.

This happens to be a service that is highly appreciated by our customers and cooperation partners. A large number of entrepreneurs have already visited our 700 m² test area to test the production of their food products at our factory using our Berief equipment. There are tests for different requirements and purposes as well as series of tests and performance test runs of purchased and manufactured special equipment. Even steam generators and thermal oil systems are part of our energetic basic equipment at our test centre. The tests are mostly run with our customers’ raw materials.

However, if required, we would be happy to acquire the raw materials that you need. Please note that all systems, machines and equipment at our test centre are no laboratory units but real production equipment which eventually will be installed at your site and can be tested in real-life conditions to ensure that the later integration of the machine into your production process will be as smooth as possible. In addition, we also provide technological advice geared to market requirements. Of course, if requested, we would be happy to continue providing our expert advice at your company after the system has been installed.

The future of our Tiltable Cooking and Roasting Kettle Type KIPPKO

Nowadays, the Tiltable Cooking and Roasting Kettle Type KIPPKO is more and more often used in cook-and-chill kitchens, industrial kitchens and large commercial kitchens. It is the perfect link between the various and individual tasks that need to be accomplished.


Gentle food processing

Every day, food is cooked in small and large kitchens. The daily demand is high, and rising, which is also reflected, among other things, in the processing and production time. Also the volume of the amounts to be processed, for example mashed potatoes, plays a major role. The gentle food processing in our Tiltable Cooking and Roasting Kettle is ideal for your food products. Gentle and consistent temperature control, the gentle yet intensive mixing of ingredients and developing natural roasted flavours are the foundation of excellent product quality and premium ready meals and convenience products.

Tiltable Cooking and Roasting Kettle - Cooking application


The right temperature is important

When roasting meat, onions and other products, temperatures of 140 to 170 degrees Celsius should be generated to create roasted flavours and the ideal colour and surface texture. The colour and the taste should be developed, so that eventually the finished product will be as close to “tastes like homemade” as possible. Roasted products simply taste better than food that has only been cooked.

Tiltable Cooking and Roasting Kettle - roast application


Browning mode

The browning mode – also called Maillard reaction – is a browning reaction that creates new compounds when exposed to heat. It has an impact on the texture, the taste and the scent of many dishes/foods which is the objective of this procedure. Typically, the KIPPKO is used to brown and caramelize onions or other vegetables as well as to sauté bacon or meat.

Kippkochkessel Anwendung Bräunen


Developing the flavours

During the simmering process the same principle applies as in the cooking mode: your products are cooked very gently. Great importance is attached to the enjoyable state of your finished product during this procedure, where cell building takes place to develop the flavours of the product and to eventually manufacture a delicious food in which all vitamins are retained.

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Ideal for vegetables

Another common way of cooking is braising which requires less water and only some fat. This procedure is popular for processing vegetables, as the fluid often comes from the cooked food itself.

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Creating a distinctive taste with stewing

You can also use our KIPPKO to stew food, just like it is intended for the combination of roasting and then cooking food, i.e. starting with sautéing, followed by cooking meat with little moisture, for example. This process, in particular, is all about developing flavours which are the basis of the distinctive taste of your product!

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Cooling the food down to save time

Cooling down food in industrial kitchens to expedite the further processing saves time and results in improved quality. The Tiltable Cooking and Roasting Kettle offers two cooling options: by running cold water through the double jacket or by directly injecting fluid nitrogen into the product. We would be happy to provide you with individual advice.

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Mixing processes in the Tiltable Cooking and Roasting Kettle

The horizontal agitator in the KIPPKO allows for a very gentle yet intensive mixing of the products during the thermal processes. Moreover, the agitator is also very effective when there is only a small amount of the product in the kettle in the beginning (for example when sautéing onions, spices or meat). The speed of the agitator can be adjusted to meet the requirements of the production process. Furthermore, an interval function ensures the resting and browning of the product on the walls to develop colour and flavour.

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